Intermodal Mobility Assistance for Megacities (IMA) Project is a 3-year research and development initiative funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It is jointly undertaken by the German-Turkish Advanced Research Center (GT-ARC) and the Distributed Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (DAI-Labor) at Technische Universität Berlin.


The IMA Project aims to design and develop an open and extensible distributed mobility platform that integrates different means of transport in mega cities for the benefit of all stakeholders. The assistance system accesses these services and provides individual route recommendations to the user, which may consist of a combination of different modes of transport, such as public transport, car-sharing, bike-sharing, etc. tailored to the user’s needs. The total cost, time, and environmental footprint for each multi-modal travel option is transparently provided to the user, allowing them to make an informed decision.

Approach: Open Mobility Platform

IMA provides an open platform that can be adapted in any large city by integrating local service providers and information sources.

IMA platform and ecosystem

IMA platform is based on the distributed multi-agent framework JIAC. Providers of mobility concepts or traffic-related information services are able to offer their services in a standardized fashion through the IMA platform.

IMA components and interfaces

Demo: Intermodal Mobility Assistance in Berlin

IMA Route Planner

IMA Route Planner allows users to calculate intermodal route options in Berlin and provides information on duration, cost and carbon emissions for each option.

IMA Interactive Routing Assistant

IRA component monitors the trajectory of the user and traffic related data and is thus able to react to unexpected route deviations or sudden traffic disturbances.

IMA User Preferences

IMA users can intuitively specify their preferences (in terms of time, cost, CO2 emissions), which are then taken into account for the intermodal route planning.


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